One more reminder that The Porch is on Thursday evening. Doors open at 8:00 and the show starts at 8:30. I think there are still tickets and you can purchase them here. Also, I know that even when they sell out online, they usually reserve some for the door so if you can't get any online and you want to try to show up and buy tickets at the door, that may be an option.

We're hoping to record it and upload the video to what the kids are calling the Youtubes like we've done in the past, but Jolyn has informed me that the camera she was going to use is no longer available. (I can only assume she has murdered the person she was planning to borrow it from). So hopefully we'll be able to secure a different one by Thursday. I just wanted to warn you, though, in case it doesn't happen . . .

And now,

A Conversation with Kurt Today about Being My Emergency Contact:

Eli: What blood type are you?

Kurt: Why? What blood type are you?

Eli: Let's say them at the same time on the count of three! One--

Kurt: I'm AB+

Eli: Oh. I thought we were going to say them at the same time.

Kurt: I didn't like that.

Eli: Well I'm A+, which means I have the most pure blood and can give to anyone, anytime, no matter--

Kurt: None of this is at all true.

Eli: Huh?

Kurt: I'm going to take the opportunity every once in a while to just inform you that certain things you believe are not true. But only when I think your continued belief in them will be detrimental to someone. Because if I didn't narrow down my corrections more than that, it would be too overwhelming.

Eli: That's really responsible of you. Now sounds like a really good time to ask you if you would be interested in being my emergency contact.

Kurt: Oh my gosh yes. I would be SUCH a good emergency contact!

Eli: Please tell me what you would do as my emergency contact.

Kurt: I would be very available whenever there was an emergency. And people would be able to contact me.

Eli: Hmmm. But what about before the emergency?

Kurt: What about it?

Eli: How would you fulfill your duties as my emergency contact before the emergency arises?

Kurt: I would do nothing. I have no obligation before the emergency arises.

Eli: Well. Someone just lost a potential job.

Kurt: The emergency contact's responsibilities arise when an emergency arises. How can you possibly expect more from a person than what I've just said I'd be willing to do?

Eli: MY emergency contact is responsible for preventing emergencies in the first place, keeping me company, laughing at my jokes, preventing Axel from spreading, protecting me from Leotrix, The First Eye, and the Queen of Colors, and doing my laundry every week all of the time always.

Kurt: I'm out!

~It Just Gets Stranger