Happy weekend, all. A huge thanks to those who came out to The Porch last night and said hello. It was fun to meet some of you. And due to recent accusations from some of you, I tried to be SUPER friendly and at one point Jolyn had to pull me aside and tell me that it's not ok to touch people I don't know and ask to try on their clothes. Maybe I'm just not cut out for this whole "interaction with others" thing.

And now, your pictures and distractions:

Axel is dying! Unfortunately he is not taking all of my freckles with him.

One of the last Saturdays at the SLC Farmers' Market.

Last Sunday was Fakesgiving! And I made most of this! And nobody got sick this year! Or ringworm!

In Park City. I'm happy Kurt didn't live through the '60s.

With my home-girl Emma at something called "The Three Bean Circus." We were uncomfortable most of time because of the creepy people dancing in spandex right next to our table.

This is my favorite thing I brought back from Palau (other than memories! Haha. Just kidding. I didn't bring back good memories). These were left on a beach from a Survivor competition so I snagged a few and they are now my hip coasters.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Brides throwing cats. Thanks, MANY of you (Zach was the first).

I doubt this would be effective against the Queen of Colors. Thanks, Melissa.

No thanks. I'll just stick with the infection.  Thanks, Debbie.

Get your cat stoned. I wonder if this would work on Kurt? Thanks, Shannon.

Then find out how to give your cat a massage! Thanks, Melissa.

Two hamsters, one wheel. Thanks, Trisha.

36 things you never realized everyone else does, too. Thanks, Paul.

The 90's Nostalgia Gallery. Thanks, K-Shell.

~It Just Gets Stranger.