Val: Kurt, what's it like living with Eli?

Kurt: It's a little challenging.

Eli: Guys? I'm right here.

Val: Shush. The grownups are having a conversation.

Kurt: It takes a lot of energy and I don't always understand why the things that are happening in my life are happening.

Val: I bet. Is it ever scary?

Kurt: Scary? I don't know if that's the right word. It's just weird and--


Kurt & Val: [Patting my shoulder] Ok, Eli. Whatever you say.

Val: Well, we're all really proud of you for fighting the good fight. Also, you've done such a great job. Most of us had prepared ourselves for a lot of chaos to reenter our lives with his return. But it's been relatively pleasant.

Kurt: I've absorbed a lot of that--


Val: Eli. What do you provide that makes you "a VERY good roommate?"

Eli: I cook dinner!

Kurt: No. I do that.

Eli: I make SUCH funny jokes!

Kurt: Eh.

Eli: I'm VERY quiet!

Kurt: No. You sing ALL the time. ALL the time. ALWAYS. SINGING. ALL. THE. TIME. And when you forget words, you "meow" them. Why? Who does that?

Eli: Well I'm doing that for you! It's for your entertainment.You're welcome, by the way.

Val: Wow. Way to spin that.

Eli: My voice gets really tired. But it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make all of the time.

Kurt: My ears get tired. And that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make none of the time.

Val: None of this is a surprise.

Kurt: The worst part is his bedroom. It looks like a tornado has busted through it. Every single day.

Eli: Well maybe it wouldn't look like that if someone would take the initiative and clean it!

Kurt: That will never happen.

Val: Well, thanks for letting me know how bad it is, Kurt. If there's anything we can do to help, please let us know.

Eli: Why do I feel like I just experienced a parent-teacher conference?

~It Just Gets Stranger