Happy weekend. I had a bit of a panic attack this afternoon. I was sitting in my office when suddenly I noticed a brown paper bag on my windowsill. I was certain I didn't put it there. Naturally, I assumed that it had inside of it:

A. A dead rat.

B. A bomb.

C. Poop.

It took me nearly ten minutes to work up the courage to look inside. I swear to you, I thought I had a 50% chance of losing my life over this.

What was in the bag? Bananas. You guys. I need to get some rest. Or start doing drugs. Whichever is easier.

And now, your Pictures and Distractions:

Another gratuitous selfie with Hannah at Lagoon to add to your collection. 

The view from last week's "camping."
We heard that Lagoon employee say "sorry if you die" just as they took off. 

*****Stranger Picture of the Week

The Q of C terrorizes Goodwill. Thanks, Melinda.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Notes from management to Shane. Thanks, Kim.

$31,000 raised through Kickstarter to make potato salad. Thanks, The Suzzzz.

"Hey" cats. Thanks, Brittany.

25 of the most creative statues in the world. Thanks, Francie.

A joke only Strangers could understand. Thanks, Amy.

Jurassic Park theme performed by goats. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Thanks, Sadie.

Just when you thought the Snuggie couldn't get better. Thanks, Brice.

Creepy things cats do but performed by humans. Thanks, Judy.

Creative comforters. Thanks, Angela.

How to appear smart during meetings. Thanks, Jennifer.

Funny tweets from parents. Thanks, Magan.

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~It Just Gets Stranger