How's my night going? Well after a very long day I was in the drive-through at Wendy's at 11:15 PM and I ran my car into the the back of the car in front of me and that guy stuck his head out of his window and asked me what happened and I actually "SHHHHHH'd" him because I was in the middle of ordering "extra large fries with that" and I was concerned that with this interruption the guy taking my order maybe wouldn't catch that last part and it was really important to me that he got that order. So that's how my day is going.

And now, your Pictures & Distractions:

If this picture doesn't make you happy, then you probably don't even know what America is.

Male modeling somewhere in Idaho.

We all bought mostly matching Sun Valley t-shirts and then made strangers photograph us.

No one is ever really sure what Skylar is doing.

People on Instagram said it looks like I'm not wearing pants in this picture. Please argue this vociferously. 

Just lookin' for some cats.

Crap to distract you from whatever you're supposed to be doing:

Some really cool t-shirts. Thanks, Jen.

Some inspiring kids. Thanks, Amy.

Full House exposed. Thanks, Katie.

Have you guys heard of facekinis? Thanks, Krishelle.

Creepy black and white photos. Thanks, Brad.

A little something from Seth Meyers.

Dogs who look like celebrities. Thanks, Maggie.

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