It's time for one of my favorite Stranger traditions! MAKING A LIST OF ALL OF THE THINGS YOU LOVE ABOUT ME.

But for real. 2018 has been an amazing year in the Strangerverse. I think I enjoyed writing here more than I ever have before, particularly because it has been so fun to interact with all of you. I'm super proud of the progress we've made on making Strangerville sound not so janky, and I credit my truly exceptional and somehow STILL pregnant, partner Meg the Dragon Voice Walter for much of that.

I love Stranger, and I love you. I'll be back next week for my full year-end post. In the meantime, please enjoy a brief walk down Stranger 2018 Nostalgia Lane with this year's top 10 list of Stranger's most viewed posts.

10. Skylar (near tie)

Last week I shared with you the story of how I met Sky. This is probably my favorite thing I wrote for Stranger this year. I'm really excited to share more of the story with you in the near future.

10. The 12 Days of Christmas (near tie)

I got engayged, and now Princess Kate wants to shut down the entire northern hemisphere to have a wedding I can't afford.

9. The Encore

We recorded a story with two-time double-lung transplant survivor Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick. It was one of the most popular Strangerville segments we've done. Charity's inspiring story was a delight to produce.

8. Roommates

I shared this story at our most recent Strangerville Live. For years I wanted to tell you about the worst roommate I ever had, but I thought I needed to let the statute of limitations run first. I hope it has.

7. Seatmates

It was a miserable flight at the end of a long trip. I got stuck on a row with a hippie family. I can still smell them.

6. You guys. Jurassic World. There's another one.

Meg made me go with her. It was the most upset I have ever been inside a movie theater. Now I have confusing feelings for several raptors.

5. 10 Tips For How To Respond To Someone Who Is Coming Out

And other fun car games!

4. A Thing That Doesn't Matter BUT IT KIND OF DOES

I ranted about a local eatery. Then you all ranted about things that also don't matter BUT THEY DO. As it turns out, there is a lot of collective angst in this corner of the internet.

3. National Coming out Day

I had 20 minutes to kill while I waited for Meg to meet me for a presentation we were giving so I pulled out my laptop to quickly write about why it can be so hard for closeted gay people to come out to their family and friends. This ended up being one of the most cathartic things I wrote in 2018.

2. Four-Layered Caramel Cream Orange Zest Chocolate Mirror Glaze Cake

I allowed The Great British Baking Show to lead me into a false sense that I, too, knew how to bake. You all mocked my pain.

1. A Thing I Decided I Wanted You To Know

I CHOSE TO BE GAY. This post has changed my life in a lot of ways. I hesitated writing it for a long time, but the moment I did, I knew I wouldn't regret it. Writing it and sharing it with you lifted a huge weight off of me. Looking back, I don't know why I didn't write it much earlier.

~It Just Gets Stranger