I've been having this really weird problem lately so I texted Sam about it because he's an orthodontist so I insist on going to him for all of my medical needs.

This is a really strange problem for me to have because remembering things is included toward the top of my exhaustive list of qualities, which I've presented for you below in case you think I'm lying.
1. Exceptional hair2. Remembering things3. Dancing4. Water aerobics 5. Laughing super hard at jokes that aren't very funny just so nobody feels awkward6. Crying during sad commercials
1. Bad at the Macarena 2. Trusting obviously crazy people3. Not great at tennis4. Pretending to be lifting when helping others move heavy furniture5. Putting things back in the wrong place at grocery stores after changing mind6. Irish skin
So as you can see, there are some things I'm really good at and some things I'm really bad at and that's ok because we don't judge WE JUST HELP.
Because I have exactly six qualities and six flaws, if one of those qualities then becomes a flaw, it upsets the balance and I suddenly become an overly flawed person, which is unacceptable because I plan to take over for Oprah one day and being overly flawed would really hurt my chances.
I'm not totally sure what could be causing me to suddenly start forgetting things lately, but I'm guessing it has to do with stress and working way too much this year so far. Also, I have spent eleventy hundred hours in the last few weeks editing stories for Episode 3 of Strangerville and I think this project may now be eating part of my brain.
Hopefully it's the part that has memories about scout camp in the 90s.
I'm going to try to get more sleep because Cathie always says I need more sleep and I like to just do whatever Cathie says because she seems to know things.
Sam continued to try to be helpful, though, ambushing me with basic questions throughout the day to test the depth of my new problem.

~It Just Gets Stranger