It's been a full year since we heard from young Eli. And so today I give you the next edition of The Lost Journal Series.

February 23, 1995 (10 years old):

The goverment has a lot of responsibilty and it is importent to suport our leaders becaus if we dont there can be KORUPTION. You cant vote until you are an adult becaus it takes a lot of years to study the issues so you are ready to vote becaus if I voted right now I would probly just vote for someone named bob or someone else that I dont even know who it is BECAUS I HAVENT STUDIED THE ISSUES YET. We have student goverment and thats alot better becaus at least I know those people haylee runs evry year and shes probly good and everything but I cant be friends with her becaus my mom already met her one time and she said haylee was my girl friend and now my sisters make fun of me becaus they dont even have class!

February 27, 1995 (10 years old):

Its a pretty bad day becaus its monday now and I hardly even got to have a good weekend becaus all my parents ever do is make me clean and Im not even dirty! Sometimes its like Im just an animal and thats all they think! All I did was tell my mom that jared doesnt even have to clean and she goes WELL THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD DO TWICE AS MUCH TO MAKE UP FOR JARED! So I guess I have a mean mom now I never thot this would happen to me!!!!

February 30, 1995 (10 years old) (Please note that this is not a real date):

I red about what I wrote about my mom and i feel bad about it becaus she is actully a pretty nice mom like she does a lot of really good things and some people dont even have moms. I would felt bad if my mom even red what I wrote so I hope she wont read it because that wold be a violtion of privacy any way. Its probly hard to be a mom becaus you have to do all this stuff and all of these kids are screaming and NO ONE EVER EVEN SAYS THANKS!

March 2, 1995 (10 years old):

Jared thinks that just becaus hes 11 and Im only 10 he is older than me but I gues he forgot we are both in 5th grade and just becaus he was born before me that doesnt mean hes in a different grade! My sister is older than Jared and you dont here her braging about being a lot older haha! This summer Im going to ride my bike so much Ill probly be the best in the neyborhood well for my age becaus trent and those other guys are older and i cant be as fast as them but they will probly die sooner becaus they are older haha!

March 7, 1995 (10 years old):

In school they make you go to this thing called matreation and its where they tell you about what happens to your body and I dont even want to go to it because my sisters will probly make fun of me and i dont want to go if my mom is going that is not even FAIR. If they try to make me go with my mom I will probly just move in with a difrent famly and then they can see if it was all even worth it just to learn about BODYS!!!

~It Just Gets Stranger